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HVAC System Design - HVAC Duct Design

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Design Services

Specialization in providing high quality, cost effective and prompt HVAC system design services. Our services range from designing to drafting.

Handling efficiently HVAC projects with complex requirements. Designs and drawings are accurate and flawless in accordance with Client requirements or Standards.

Our HVAC services include:

  • Load Calculation (Cooling and Heating)
  • Using the ASHRAE standard to determine loads and air-flows. We ensure that both latent and sensible load components are accounted for in load calculations.
  • Refining Cost Estimation.

  • HVAC Duct Design & its Layout
  • Determining the register locations and types, acoustic calculations, pressure drop calculations (internal and external), duct lengths and connections required to produce layout given construction constraints.
  • Specifying the material for ducts and their size according to SMACNA standards.
  • Design and layout of accessories such as diffuser, dampers, grills etc.
  • Layout of duct system on floor plan, accounting for the direction of joists, roof hips, fire-walls and other potential obstructions.

  • Pipe sizing & its Layout
  • Calculating required water flow, size the pipes, decides fittings locations and dielectric isolators where needed to design the piping system.
  • Specifying piping material and criteria for pipe sizing.
  • Layout of piping system.

  • HVAC Equipment Selection & Layout
  • Sizing HVAC equipments to sensible load using ASHRAE standards.
  • Selecting equipments like AHU, FCU, ACCU, Water Cooled Condenser, Air Cooled Condenser, Cooling Tower, Chiller Packages, DX Chiller, Flooded Chiller, Refrigerant Coil, Water Coil, Package Units, Pumps, Fans, Valves and other System Accessories and its layout.

  • Schedule for Equipments
  • Chillers / DX Units and Air Handling Equipments Schedule.
  • Ducting Accessories (diffusers, dampers, grills etc) and Pump Schedule.
  • If you have any queries about our HVAC services or would like to see more samples,please feel free to Contact us.

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HVAC Services