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Fire Services
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Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm Design Services - Fire Design

Specialization in Fire engineering services ranging from design, drafting to roughins. Offering professional Fire engineering services including high quality fire products at reduced/lower cost.

Fire services include:

Providing high providing high quality, cost effective and prompt Fire system design services. Our services range from designing to drafting.

Handling efficiently Fire projects with complex requirements. Designs and drawings are accurate and flawless in accordance with Client requirements or NFPA / BS Standards.

  • Fire Fighting Design
  • Sprinkler System Design (Wet Type, Dry Type...etc)
  • Fire Suppression System Design(FM-200 , Inergen, CO2...etc)
  • Fire Hydrant Design(Wet Type, Dry Type...etc)
  • Fire Extinguisher Design (CO2, Dry Powder,...etc)
  • Fire Pump Set Selection (Electrical Pump, Jockey Pump , Diesel Pump)
  • Fire Water Reserve Calculation
  • Riser of Fire Fighting System Design (Piping sizing, Fire systems, Fire Pumps..etc)

  • Design of Fire Alarm System
  • Manual system,Automatic system, Analogue adressable/digital adressable fire alarm system.
  • Determining the numbers of Circuits and device types according to defined areas
  • Control Circuits for Integration with Building Management Systems
  • Determining the Integration requirements with respect to Annunciation, Building Management Systems
  • Fire Detector, Enunciator, Manual Points and Panel Layout
  • Control Diagram for Remote Panels and Main Panels
  • Riser Diagram, Device and Panel schedule

  • Design of Security System

  • Lighting Safety calculation & Design (Exit, Emergency Light).
  • Access Control.
  • Intruder Alaram.
  • Closed Cicrcuit Television surveillance (CCTV).
  • Perimeter Protection.

If you have any queries about our fire services or would like to see more samples,please feel free to Contact us.