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Electrical Services
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Electrical Design Services - Electrical Engineering

Specialization in electrical engineering services ranging from design, drafting to roughins. Offering professional electrical engineering services including high quality electrical products at reduced/lower cost.

Electrical services include:

Providing high quality and accurate electrical engineering services which are customized to meet individual project requirements.
MEP services range from concept of electrical transformer design to drafting for all electrical systems (lighting, security, power and emergency power) within a building. Considering every detail of the electrical projects with the aim to ensure smooth start up of project and minimal field changes.

  • Design of Lighting System
  • Lighting Load Estimations and determining numbers of feeder for Lighting Panel
  • Light Fixture Layout Designing involving Normal, Emergency, Critical and Life Safety
  • Light Fixtures Identification as per your Standards and Occupancy sensors, dimmers etc., their selection, and placement at appropriate location
  • Calculating the Lux levels for each classified areas together with lighting controls requirements for power savings
  • Worst-Case Egress Lighting Estimation
  • Lighting Distribution Panel design and designing Emergency Panel
  • Determining the Lighting Panel Location based on provided inputs
  • Switchgear Sizing
  • Determining Transformer Size for Lighting Distribution system

  • Design of Power System
  • Calculating the Loads for Electrical and Electronics equipments
  • Calculating the connected Load on each Circuits
  • Determining the Receptacle, Electrical and Electronics equipments for all areas
  • Lighting Distribution Panel design and designing Emergency Panel
  • Designing the Life safety and determining Earth Protection requirements
  • Switchgear Sizing
  • Determining Transformer Size for Power Distribution

  • Design of Power Distribution System

  • Calculating the Total Power Requirements
  • Determining Power Factor Correction requirements
  • Calculating Power and Lighting Load determination on the basis of actual connected equipment with appropriate demand/diversity factors, as per your standards
  • Determining the Main Transformer requirements
  • Determining the size of Generator
  • Determining the HV equipments, metering and protective switchgear requirements
  • Determining Cable Trays, Trenches their optimum path
  • Switchgear Sizing
  • Determining the cable and wire sizing
  • Determining the one line diagram for distribution system

  • Design of Fire Protection System
  • Determining the numbers of Circuits and device types according to defined areas
  • Control Circuits for Integration with Building Management Systems
  • Determining the Integration requirements with respect to Annunciation, Automatic Dialing and Building Management Systems
  • Fire Detector, Enunciator, Manual Points and Panel Layout
  • Control Diagram for Remote Panels and Main Panels
  • Riser Diagram, Device and Panel schedule

  • Drafting of Lighting, Power and Power Distribution System

  • Layouts of lighting depicting different Lighting fixture, Egress and Emergency Lighting, Occupancy Sensors etc.
  • Power Layout Plan showing Receptacles, Refrigerator, Microwave, Freezer, Ice Machine, Cabinet Heater, Coffee Machine etc.
  • Drafting of Luminaries, Power Equipments, Devices counts, Terminations Diagrams, Control Circuits, LV/HV electrical devices, Panel Schedule, Material List

If you have any queries about our electrical services or would like to see more samples,please feel free to Contact us.